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  1. People trust people

  2. You have more followers

  3. Establish your authority

This only works if you are HYPER specific (early stage this is critical)

- You earn the right to go bigger after you prove the solution works!

What is happening to your ICP?

- Old way vs New Way

- Impending doom

- Stats in their space

How can you solve their problem?

There is very little convencing that happens in the begining - you have to earn their trust!

You have to enter the conversations they are already having!

  • Write your Manefesto (your guide - 5 steps, 7 steps etc) so that you can direct them to something after you start a conversation.
  • Your hashtag?
  • Stats
  • Dangers
  • Opportunites
  • Your Journey

  • Drive to 1-1 Conversations

    • 5 step guide
    • Webinar live
    • Strategy call

Get insight what they really care about.

Use customers words in your marketing

Once you start having conversations, you know which features are most important as you build your product out.


  1. Adapt your messaging!
    • Cost savings
    • Safety & Protection
    • Survive Now, Thrive Later
  2. People over Brand
    • People are looking for leadership!
    • People can convey the message better - Serve
    • Put out unique Point of View
  3. Understand Behavior / Market Segmentation
    • People slam on brakes
    • Pain but patient
    • Comfortable
    • Live for today
      • Position as essential, postpone-able or treat!

Sales Funnel - To get Product Market Fit

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