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​These are the four letters that run Silicon Valley - TY and YT

YT - You There! (are you there?)

The number of hires and recruits that happen this way mystifies recruiters.

This is how every important hire starts! 

You there..oh, you should come work for this company...

The 5-minute favor

How Silicon Valley works and the prisoner's dilemma.

Basically, Silicon Valley is productive and efficient because people are marketing their 'routes' or resources, and will do these tasks as favor in return for favor at a later stage.

Everyone goes to parties and brag about ho they know, and when someone screws them over they gossip to everyone.

It looks like bad behavior, its actually social systems that produce the most efficient outcomes to the most people.

If you 'claim' to market something but then don't deliver...there is 'gossip' to discredit your false claims and no-delivery on your commitment.

If you understand this concept, it's going to help you navigate around SF.

Everyone is going to offer to help, but you have to understand the contract of reciprocity.

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Silicon Valley: TY & YT - Video 2

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