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Yea, for about $10/mo you can have your own VPS server managed and running only your website for optimal speed and flexibility!

You can forget shared hosting. This setup gives you performance, built-in backup and support.

In this video I go over 3 Cloudways settings to pay attention to when you spin up a new server and then I review the first big feature decision you would need to make that will impact your WordPress journey for years to come.

When building your WordPress website these two choices will have a huge impact on your ability to manage and maintain the content and it's display.

In this video I cover my recommendation for the theme and also the page builder.

Theme is something that will take a lot of time and energy initially to configure the colors and layouts. So, picking the right theme one from the start is going to be critical.

The page builder is something you actually have to learn to use properly, and it takes time as you jump in and start creating content.

Learning to figure out the minor nuances as and when the need arises means the page builder is not something you want to keep switching.

The other issue with switching theme and page builder is the formatting of your older content will be impacted so it is something you want to be really careful about from the get go.

Every business wants to have nice looking pages, and the many "page builders" are all trying to address that need.

Thrive Architect is no different. With the recent fresh take on theme with Thrive Theme Builder and the well established Thrive Architect the Thrive suite has gotten more robust.

Thrive Architect also comes bundled with many 'landing pages' that basically 'skip' your theme design and layout and help you create and test your offers easily.

But many times I like bits and pieces from the landing pages and want to use them for my regular pages like service page or about-us page.

In this video I show how to set up your regular pages like your 'service' page but use part of the design block from a landing page template.

Installing WordPress and your Hosting & Server Management

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