Notes: Important toggles to turn on in "Property Settings"
1) Property Settings > Enable Demographics Interests Reports
2) Property Settings > Use enhanced link attribution
3) Tracking Info > Data Collection > Remarketing (if going to do remarketing)
4) Tracking Info > Data Collection > Advertsing Reporting Features
At the time of account creation, GA will also create your first 'View' - All Web Site Data --Do not make changes to this view.
  • Create a copy of your original view instead.
  • Views are not retroactive (will not include historical data from other views)
We recommend that you don’t delete or add filters to your original view. When you delete a view, that particular historical perspective of the data is gone. When you add filters to a view, the data you exclude is unavailable. To preserve all your original data and also control the specific perspectives of that data, create a copy of your original view or set up additional views and customize each one to meet your reporting goals.
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Website Account Creation

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