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Experience the simplicity of having content only three levels deep.

Our unique layout ensure that you have access to all the information you need in couple clicks. It would be impossible to bury the content inside folder after folder not knowing if you have reached the bottom of the pit.


Share your knowledge with granular control over each piece of content.

Share an entire Book

Share the whole body of content for review and when done, remove the link access just as easily

Share specific Chapters

Don't want to share the whole thing, just a chapter or part of a chapter? No problem!

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Want to share just one tiny little section from your body of work. Two clicks, Boom! Done.

"Sharing will enrich everyone with more knowledge." - Ana Monnar

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Each Book, Chapter or Section can be shared via a simple link and when you are done sharing you can delete it and reissue a new one if needed.

Share via embed code

Embed your Book, Chapter or Section in your Website, Landing Page, Blog or anywhere you have access to insert a simple snippet of code.

Sharing is great but

Collaboration is essential to stimulate innovation and growth.

Collaborate on a whole Book!

Invite users to view, edit or manage a Book so that you can get more done together!

Collaborate on just a Section!

Don't want to overwhelm the person you are working by giving them full access to your work. Invite them to view just a Section within your Book.




Built-in list building functionality to turn your content into a lead magnet

Forget the hassle of creating PDF's and the added cost of PDF design. Create lead capture campaigns from within the platform and connect with your email marketing service to follow-up with your tribe.

Connect your apps and automate content delivery

Using our lead capture forms or your existing popup, lead capture forms you can give access to your content in Meribook on auto-pilot!

*With tools like Convertful and Convertbox your integrations options are even more.

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