Meribook As Help Center

This book is designed as help center demo use case.

Total: 4 Chapters

Getting Started

This series of videos cover the general interface and layout, the book organizational structure and different display states.

Embedding and Sharing

Meribook makes it super easy with three unique ways to share your content to meet most if not all use cases.


Getting your subscriber list into your email provider is easy. We currently integrate with Mailchimp, Gist & ActiveCampagin.

Account Settings

Update your public profile to build your brand and link out to your main social profiles so that users can find you easily.

Meribook As Help Center

about 1 month
It's nice to see the flexibility of taking a 'book' from Meribook and turning it into a Help Center.  With the embed feature it can be used on any website while keeping the branding.  Nice!