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In Meribook, the main concept revolves around the organizational structure found in 'books' which is based on chapters and sections, but this level of organization is not limited to just books and hence the Book Type option.

Courses also have similar structure, where 'chapters' can be referred to as 'modules' and 'sections' as 'units' or 'lesson'. 

The important thing to realize is that this structure has not changed, just the terminology and the context.

This is why we have 'Book Type' to separate out Books, Courses and Other resources. 

This is especially useful when you make the book Public so that we can display them in the appropriate section for discovery.

This is the default setting for all books!

Book Permissions: Private

Books can be any content you want to organize and is set to private as default.
This means you have to give explicit permissions if you want others to access it.

You can collaborate with your friends or colleagues in a secure environment using the Invite or Share links if needed.

If your goal is to build an email list and this is the option you want.

Book Permissions: Public Subscription

This is content you want the public to have only after they have provided an email.

Recommended: Ideally, you would want this to be visible on your profile, so users can sign up for your content.   So enable platform discovery and display on profile checkboxes here.

Required: When setting up a book as 'Public Subscription' it is important to select the Connect Campaign the subscriber will be added under.


Setting up your 'Public Subscription Campaign'

Your lead capture page content can be configured at the campaign level.  Each campaign can have a unique message to test your copy.

Campaign > Campaign Intro

Here is a general overview of how the subscriber will go through each of the pages.

  1. Lead capture page
    User sees the "campaign intro" text here.
  2. Sign up success page
  3. View content
    User sees the "book intro" text if configured as welcome message.

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