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Selling access or giving access for free. 
The Meribook Connect Campaigns functionality lets you do all that.

This is probably the easiest way to understand how you can have a 'private' book that has a 'connect campaign' to sell access.

Using our integration with Stripe or Plugnpaid, you can sell your digital product every easily and with lots of flexibility.

Plugnpaid can take your selling to a whole new level as it is a complete shopping cart solution that has coupons, affiliate, split payment and a host of other features.

Stripe is a much simpler option.  With coupons and payment links, you can be up and running in no time.


Once you have a subscriber or paid user added to the campaign, it is easy to get that information out so that you can automate other tasks or add the info into your CRM or autoresponder.

The outgoing webhook integration can be configured per campaign, and you can have multiple outgoing webhooks per campaign.  Yes, it's that robust.

Here an overview of how the process works.

  1. Create a webhook integration from your integrations page.
    This is where you add the external webhook.
  2. Create a Connect Campaign
  3. Configure the Campaign to use the Webhook integration
  4. Use the built-in 'Submit Test Data' to check your integration
  5. Enjoy automation!

Here are screenshots from the Campaign setup.

This one has two webhooks configured.
1) Pabbly Webhook
2) A WordPress site webhook


Sample test data to make sure your integration is working as expected.
Yes, the test data is unique per campaign and test email unique per submit.

One-time access is a unique feature of Meribook that makes delivery of your lead magnet a seamless process for your subscriber.

When a user subscribes to your content, the only thing they want is IMMEDIATE access to the content.

Well, Meribook One-time access feature addresses that elegantly.  Immediately after sign up the user is shown the full content like seen below.

This is cookie based display of your content, so it's not possible for people to share the link with others who have not subscribed.

The subscriber gets an email to register if they are not already on the platform to activate a free account and gain access to your content.

If the subscriber already has an account, they can find the content instantly inside their "My Subscriptions" area.

When you have the opt-in on your own website, giving your subscribers proper next steps is just good practice.

Here is a sample message that you can use and modify for your thank-you page:

Thank You For Signing Up!

Please check your email in 5-10 minutes for access to your products!

PLEASE NOTE: The content is delivered via the Meribook platform.

You will receive two emails:

  1. First is simply an email confirmation,
  2. Once email is confirmed, a second email will provide login details.


If you do not see these emails in the next 10 minutes, please search your spam folder for the email;


If you currently use Meribook platform you can access the content now.

Access Now!

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