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From content creation to collaboration and distribution, Meribook is an intuitive knowledge sharing platform to plan, publish and profit from your books and courses.

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Meribook or My Book helps you connect with your fans, students and colleagues in a smart and sustainable way without the burnout of platform hopping to build your business.


Systemize your knowledge in a proven format that needs no new learning. Our unique layout ensures that you have access to all the information you need in couple clicks.


Share your knowledge with fine grain control over what is shared and with whom. Have meaningful discussions without the noise and distractions of other social platforms.


Collaboration is essential to stimulate innovation and growth. With built-in content creation and marketing features build a workflow that meets your unique needs.

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The guys at Markup Hero liked Meribook enough to create a great walkthrough with detailed screenshots. They nicely articulate the range of benefits Meribook can offer content creators. Check out the article here.

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