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Documentation Features

Meribook allows you to document your knowledge in a clean & super simple flow. Your content can never be buried multiple levels and is super fast to retrieve when you need it the most.

Simple & Intuitive

Content is organized in a simple Book > Chapter > Sections format.


Tags at each level for more any use case & built-in follow up reminders to get things done.

Embed Video

Include YouTube or Vimeo embed without any restriction on layout and formatting.

Full Editor

Full-text editor to format content and highlight the important parts as you please.

Introducing Meribook App

Watch video. It takes less than 60sec.

Powerful Distribution/List Building Features Built-in

Building an email list is one of the most effective ways for you, not only to promote your content but also to drive sales and in turn, grow your business.

Meribook Connect allows for content distribution from the very tool you use to document.  This speeds up your process as you don't have to worry about converting your content into PDF, design content layout and the tech needed for distribution.   With Meribook Connect it's a simple embed code and you are done.

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How it Works

Meribook's main focus is on improving the note-taking and collaboration process to improve productivity and your bottom line.


With a feature-rich text editor and simple book management concept, you can start documenting and organizing in less than 5 min.


Collaboration is at the heart of any productivity tool, and with fine-grained control, you can share just what you want, how you want, and without limits.


Knowledge is wealth, and with Meribook Connect you can capitalize on your knowledge by connecting with helping others with built-in list building feature.

Simple Pricing With No Chance Of Overages


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10 Campaigns

100 Subscribers/Campaign

10 Books

Unlimited Chapters

Unlimited Sections

Private Sharing

Unlimited Follow-ups

No Hidden Fees

No Storage Limit


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Unlimited Campaigns

100 Subscribers/Campaign

Unlimited Books

Unlimited Chapters

Unlimited Sections

Private Sharing

Unlimited Follow-ups

No Hidden Fees

No Storage Limit


Unlimited Possibilities


Unlimited Campaigns

Unlimited Subscribers/Campaign

Give subscription access to your book

Manage and grow your contact list

Connects to your autoresponder

Unlimited Leads

Your Facebook pixel

Run multiple campaigns

Campaign reports

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"Knowlegde has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes."

- Peter Drucker
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Some FAQ

Meribook is completely creative, lightweight, clean & super responsive app landing page. Put your app sales or promotions into next level with it.

Meribook is a web-based solution and currently, there are no Apps for iOS or Android. It is ideal for desktop usage when entering content to use the WYSIWYG editor for image embed and formatting. The site is fully mobile responsive so accessing your data from any device is easy as long as you have an internet connection.

There are no limits on the number of people you can invite to work and collaborate with you. We believe knowledge is best when shared with like-minded individuals.

Meribook has three distinct ways to share your content and collaborate. First is Invite a user, here you need to know the email of the person to send an invite from the application. Second is Share Links, you can create a shareable link for the whole Book, or only a Chapter or just a Section. Anyone with access to the Share Link will be able to view the content. The third option is to use Meribook Connect to share the content of your whole book. Think of this as your lead magnet, free ebook distribution.

With a Meribook Pro account you get an unlimited book, and then with the Connect subscription, you can have campaigns on unlimited books. There is no limit on the number of campaigns per book or number of subscribers to your book.

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