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We all know that sharing of knowledge and making it easily accessible can help any organization deliver better results. This 'book' is an example of how one can utilize this tool for different use cases.

How to Increase Knowledge Sharing?

  • Ask and encourage people to write content, create checklists, and contribute to systems and processes.

  • Use technology to centralize the content and make it easy for everyone to access and maintain the knowledge base.

  • Onboard new people from the very start to promote the culture of knowledge sharing.

Below you will find different use cases of how Meribook was incorporated to meet the documentation needs in these various situations.

Total: 3 Chapters

Coaches & Consultants

Examples of taking the systems and methods from coaches, consultants and trainers and creating processes in Meribook.

Web & Marketing Agencies

Example use cases for agencies to improve their workflow.

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