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When you want to collaborate with users to build your content/course, this is the functionality that will help you streamline your process and get things done faster.

The "Invite" functionality allows you to assign the following roles to the user - can_view, can_edit and manger.  The grid below shows the permissions for each role.

  can_view can_edit manager
view published chapter
view published section
view unpublished chapter  
view unpublished section  
view archived chapter    
view archived section    
edit published chapter  
edit published section  
edit unpublished chapter  
edit unpublished section  
edit archived chapter    
edit archived section    
create new chapter    
create new section    
change book settings no no no

* Note:  Edit also allows the user to schedule chapter/section to publish.

In the share link video above, you saw how the 'share' link can be configured with custom permissions per chapter and or section.

Here is a link to a demo page with just a chapter embedded.

Yes, I am using this book as an example, and more specifically just this chapter and on top of that I am locking this section and the next so that you can come back to the main site :)

To make the link back to Meribook easy, the 'home' on the embedded instance is linked specifically back to this very section.

Now, Swipepages website/landing page platform is just an example.  This can be any page - your WordPress website, Clickfunnels, Kajabi - anywhere you can add an iframe.


Taking your Meribook content and embedding in your website is great! But, how about brining content into Meribook?

Well, we got you covered there as well.

There are TWO ways to embed content inside the Meribook 

1) Embed URL - This little button allows 1900+ media publishers to be added to your content masterpiece with one click.

You can check your specific URL to see if it is supported here.

2) Embed Code - Use the source code mode to add any embed code provided.

Bonus: Use the embedresponsively service to make your embedded content mobile friendly in case it is not already so.

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