Scheduling your content to be published is a simple, straight forward process with Meribook.

At the 'book' level, there is no option to schedule a book as all books are 'private' by default.  Scheduling becomes useful when collaborating or sharing with other users, hence only chapters and sections have the schedule functionality.

This is not the same as 'Drip' content, which is dependent on content becoming visible based on when a user 'signs up'.  

Scheduling feature at chapter level

When a chapter is marked as unpublished, the 'schedule publish date field' becomes visible and can be configured using the calendar widget.

All sections inside that chapter that are in published state will become visible to anyone who has access.  That's it.  Now, you can get more fancy and configure each section to be published on schedule as well.

Scheduling feature at section level

When you change the green publish toggle on a section to unpublish, the schedule option becomes visible, and clicking on the calendar will allow you the ability to auto publish the section at the date and time specified.

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