Facebook Analytics - Getting Started!

These 19 over the shoulder videos will provide you with a walk-through of Facebook Insights and how to use the data for business decisions.

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Total: 3 Chapters

FB Analytics - Basics

The very first thing you need to do is be familiar with how Facebook analytics work.

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Section 1: The Dashboard

Section 2: Moving Content Over

Section 3: Funnel Tracking

Section 4: Creating Your Dashboard

FB Basics - Module 2

Active user reports, cohorts, journeys and more!

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Section 1: Active Users Report

Section 2: Revenue Tracking

Section 3: Retention

Section 4: Cohorts

Section 5: Breakdowns

Section 6: Journeys

Section 7: Percentile

FB Basics - Module 3

Events, Lifetime Value, Demographics and more!

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Section 1: Events

Section 2: Overlap

Section 3: Lifetime Value

Section 4: Demographics

Section 5: Technology

Section 6: Settings

Section 7: Conclusion

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