An entrepreneur is (maybe) not a founder.

The Goal of a startup to discover a new business model in an uncertain environment...not to grow an existing business model.

Steve Blank

A startup is an organization designed to search for a sustainable, repeatable business model.

Search - actively looking for it.
Sustainable - even without your daily involvement, it will continue to grow based on the actions of your customers.
Repeatable - I can do it over an over again.
Model - I can draw it, understand how it works.

An Entrepreneur is not a startup founder.

An entrepreneur is VERY good at a known business model.

  • Known business model
  • Out-execute the competition
  • Less risk, less reward
  • Steal and improve


Eg: Salon... I am going to cut peoples hair and make money from it, and just do it better.

A Startup Founder is looking for a new business model.

  • They are trying to discover a new product and a new market first.
  • They are focused on a lot of risk but with a lot of reward
  • They are defining and inventing a new business model.


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Founder Vs Entrepreneur

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