Sergios Zyman's - Five Mores

  1. More things
    • Increase inventory, gifting
  2. To more people
    • Viral offering, low incremental order costs
  3. For more money
    • Maximum shopping cart
  4. More often
    • Loyal customer base
  5. More efficiently
    • Supply optimization

Your growth problem is probably a marketing problem

Growth is out of your control, design / development is in your control.

Message Maps

Marketing message - forming a map of the mindset of the target market.

How to build a marketing campaigns

  1. Who are you targeting?
    • Your customer avatar
  2. What is the size of the market?
    • It better be big enough.
  3. How reachable is that marketing?
    • I have to be able to get to it.
  4. Is the market homogenous?
    • People in that market should have the same set of needs.

People do things because they want to get

  1. Laid > Sexy, look at me I got this cool new toy.
  2. Paid > I got money
  3. Made > I got power, status etc.
  4. Afraid > I am terrified, help me, protect me.

The message has to fit that mindset, you can't combine these mindsets.  Just one of these will be the focus of your campaign.


This is everything you need to know about marketing campaigns

Example breakdown of a conference.

  1. Who are you targeting?

    We have three audiences

    1. Sponsors (people who want to speak at the conferences)
    2. Attendees (people who want to listen/learn)
    3. Bloggers (who want to cover the conferences)
  2. What do you want them to do?

    1. Sponsors
      • We want them to buy sponsorship.
    2. Attendees
      • We want them to buy ticket.
      • We want them to tweet about it.
    3. Bloggers
      • We want them to write a story.
  3. Why should they do it?

    1. Sponsors should come here because
      • Leads
      • Thought Leadership
    2. Attendees should come here because
      • It's good for their career
      • They'll meet their friends / networking
    3. Bloggers should come because
      • Lot of easy stories

You write these on a wall, and you can come up with 30 possible campaigns because you have been disciplined and structured in 
Identifying the people
The actions you want them to take
The reasons why they should take those actions.

Now, you decide the Metric for success for each...

How will you know?

Did the blogger write a thing about us.

Did the sponsors buy

Did the attendee buy etc.

Run the campaigns and re-evaluate as needed.

Growth Hacking is about...
I have a behavior I want
For a target market
I have a thing that I think will cause them to do it

When people build 'message maps' when they take this approach to marketing campaigns...

When they think through about how to get users to do things...

That's when they are starting to hack growth.

Because they are understanding customer development, they are understanding the mindset of the customer.  They are moving away from 'can I do it (build it)' and moving toward.

Will anyone care!

Closing comment:

Problem is not a lack of information.  We have way too much information.

The problem is lack of good questions, and a good leader will ask the right questions.



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