Dave McClure of Pirate Metrics fame said every startup should have a hacker, hustler and a designer.

@acroll agrees but adds one more....the Analyst

Very startup should have a -
Hacker, hustler, designer, analyst, (Product, sales, finance) CEO's

Hacker - makes it real, finds the angle to the shortcut

Hustler - builds buzz, finds deals, gets customers and often has domain expertise.

Designer - compels, delights and engages - not just design the UX but writing copy etc.

Analyst - tracks growth and keeps it real.

Startup founders can wear multiple roles.

Companies that don't have these four roles, tend not to do well.

Start @8:15min - There are three kinds of CEO's (you need all three)

  1. Product CEO
    If the product is awesome, everything will work out.
  1. Sales CEO
    We just need customers, They'll tell us what to build.
  1. Finance CEO
    If we can get the model right, the business will run itself.

The reality is you need to find out which one you are and then find the other two.


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