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Updates -

Default date range and account settings are now accessible via the cog wheel on the left side of the analytics dashboard as shown below.

GA Account Defaults

Notes: Important toggles to turn on in "Property Settings"
1) Property Settings > Enable Demographics Interests Reports
2) Property Settings > Use enhanced link attribution
3) Tracking Info > Data Collection > Remarketing (if going to do remarketing)
4) Tracking Info > Data Collection > Advertsing Reporting Features
At the time of account creation, GA will also create your first 'View' - All Web Site Data --Do not make changes to this view.
  • Create a copy of your original view instead.
  • Views are not retroactive (will not include historical data from other views)
We recommend that you don’t delete or add filters to your original view. When you delete a view, that particular historical perspective of the data is gone. When you add filters to a view, the data you exclude is unavailable. To preserve all your original data and also control the specific perspectives of that data, create a copy of your original view or set up additional views and customize each one to meet your reporting goals.

Here is an example of what you can do with Segments.
By default, there are few segments already available to us in Google Analytics.
Tip: Create a new segment
Segment name: 'Loyal Visitors'
Condition > Filter by Sessions  > Count of Sessions (greater than): 3

Learn more about Google Analytics:

1) About Views

2) Three things to remember about Views

  • Views are not retroactive
  • Always keep the raw data (keep original intact)
  • Test before implementing - create a view and test your filters on it to make sure it works.

3) For SaaS projects - exclude dev's from localhost

If you go to:

a) Behavior > Site Content > All Pages 
b) Now apply a secondary dimension of 'Hostname" from Behavior

If you see 'localhost' than your want to remove this data.

c) Create a new filter > exclude > traffic to the hostname > localhost.

NOTE: Filter effects are permanent, meaning once a filter is applied that data is GONE! so make sure not to apply to 'All Website Data' or only apply to it after you have tested it on another.


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