Programming Logic and Techniques

Logical reasoning and analytical skills are the foundations of programming. Learn the basics of programming to enhance critical thinking.

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Programming Logic and Techniques

Total: 4 Chapters

Introduction to PLT

Includes topics: PLT, Algorithms and Flowcharts

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Section 1: Programming Language Evolution

Section 2: Algorithms

Section 3: Flowcharts

Working with Data

An introduction to variables, constants, data types and arrays.

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Section 1: Variables and Constants

Section 2: Data Types

Section 3: Arrays

Conditional Constructs

Checking data on the basis of conditions for data analysis.

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Section 1: Single Condition Checking

Section 2: Two Conditions Checking

Section 3: Multiple Condition Checking

Section 4: Operators


Looping is the concept of adding the code in a block of code which needs to be repeated n number of time.

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Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: While Loop

Section 3: Do While Loop

Section 4: For Loop

Section 5: Functions