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How to take effective notes - 3 key ingredients

Gravatar Alauddin Ahmed wrote this on Nov 04 / 0 comments

If you ask me, effective note taking boils down to three key components

First and obvious skill needed to take effective notes is the...

  1. Ability To Listen.

Yes, paying attention is the key because this is where you will be able to listen for clues or key topics of the subject at hand.

Second skill set needed to take good notes is the...

  1. Ability To Organize.

After listening carefully and differentiating the key topics, organizing the content by topic, importance or priority will help you focus on things that are important.

The third key component to effective note taking is the...

  1. Ability To Retrieve Information Fast.

The first two skill sets we talked about are things you have to learn, something that builds over time and experience.  This last skill set to 'manage notes' effectively can be learned over time or you can use a tool to get it done for you.  Giving you more time for more important things, like taking actions on the notes you have just spent the time and energy taking.

Our Meribook Online note taking tool follows these basic principals.  

It helps you organize content in a way we are all already familiar with, which is...

Book, Chapter & Section.

Now, when you are ready to take notes...

All you have to decide is 'which book will this information" go inside your Meribook account!

By forcing you to decide this beforehand, the software is helping you organize the content.  

Once the notes are entered, in their proper organizational structure, the notes management and retrieval is trivial.  As the software takes care of retrieving with easy search and simple UI, so that you can get the most from your notes. 

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