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Meribook v6.17.0 Update - Improved Navigation Across Published and Unpublished Content

Gravatar Alauddin Ahmed wrote this on Apr 02 / 0 comments

Improved Navigation - v6.17.0

This update addresses a lot of UI improvements and flow and one major new functionality that impacts the end user - that is the Publish and Unpublished options for Chapters.

For example, the Chapter Jump feature now ensures that only the published chapters are displayed for navigation.
This also address the Permissions when you invite users to collaborate with you as Viewer, Editor or Manager. 

Same for the pager to navigate across all the sections.  If you are looking at published content, the pager dynamically shows the next published item.  When in archive section, the pager will take you to the next archived item.

The search, sort and filter options needed to be updated across the board as well, as the interface now has three distinct states - Published, Unpublished and Archived content and depending on which content the user is looking at the sort, search applies only to that interface.

- Private, Public options for Book (this is in prep for our Public Books functionality coming by end of April).
- Publish / Unpublished state for Chapters, which hides or displays all sections under it across the site.
- Chapter jump pager dynamically updates to show only published content.
- Section pager dynamically updates based on content state.
- Update permission when inviting users.  Edit roles can view unpublished content.  Manager roles can view unpublished and archived content.
- Fix Sort, Search and Filter


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