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Meribook v6.16.0 Update - Improved Content Permissions When Sharing

Gravatar Alauddin Ahmed wrote this on Mar 21 / 0 comments

Content Permissions - v6.16.0

Not sure if you guys noticed but couple days back we pushed improved content permission capability with a simple toggle to 'publish' and 'unpublish' Sections.

This simple toggle impacts all aspects of our system in regard to how you share content for collaboration purposes.  For instance, when you invite people with View Only role, they do not see anything that is unpublished or is in archived state.  Editors can see unpublished content and Mangers see both.

On the Subscriptions side of things (when you use your Book as lead magnet and have Connect campaigns) only published content is shown as you would expect.

You will also find improvements in overall navigation and flow, and a huge improvement in performance.

The code upgrade we did in our previous release makes it possible for us to start work on the public books functionality you all have been asking for!  Yes, it's coming soon as we have started working on that part now and the first iterations will be out by end of April.

This brings us one step closer to our initial vision of a true social platform to share your knowledge in an organized and simple way!

- Section publish/unpublished toggle and permissions
- New pages for published and unpublished sections and improved navigation
- Code upgrade
- Performance improvements


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