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Meribook v6.9.0 update - Quick Notes, Clone Section and ThriveCart HTML Form Integration

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Meribook ThriveCart HTML Integration

First off, before I cover the updates in this release, I want to thank everyone who has provided us with feedback on how best to make this knowledge management software work for you. Over the past few months, one of the biggest hurdle to quickly onboard users has been the requirement in Meribook to create a book and chapter before you can create a section that holds your content.

When we first implemented the above flow, the focus was on creating a structure and having content 'organized' rather than random notes piling up and, over time, losing their importance.

Personally, over the last 3 years of using this application I have had only a few instances where I felt I had lost the flow as the application hindered in the documentation of ideas when I was required to create a book and chapter that did not exist.

Quick Note Functionality!

Well, with this release I am very excited to say that we now have a quick 'Add Note' option that is always available in the top nav and will allow you to jot down your idea quickly and efficiently.  The best part is you still have all the organizational flexibility still as you can tag and 'move’ to any Book as needed.  You'll find all your notes in the 'My Notes' tab.

Meribook Add Note Functionality

Clone Section Functionality!

You'll also notice a tiny new button on your Section cards for 'cloning' that section, this is to prepare for the ability to clone complete Chapter and even Books.  Basically, 'templates' that you can use to copy and share with clients that will make this application much more robust. You’ll also notice that the Meribook brand footprint has been minimized further so that your brand is center stage. The option to custom upload the Book Banner combined with Book Cover give you lots of flexibility to highlight your brand.

ThriveCart HTML Form Integration!

Last but not least, I recently realized that we can use Meribook to deliver 'paid' content using ThriveCart's existing functionality of embedding an HTML form under product behaviors setting. So, we tweaked our forms to make them work with ThriveCart :)  Yes, now you can deliver Free content (your lead magnet) in Meribook, and then deliver your premium content also in Meribook after accepting payment using ThriveCart.  When you create a campaign in Meribook, you have the three widget styles provided per campaign, just copy the ‘form code’ from any of the three styles and enter it in ThriveCart.  You can find a working version of this on our blog now! 

Free Google Analytics Video Training As Lead Magnet!

On our blog, I have a free resource that might interest you all.  You can get 40 bite sized video training on Google Analytics to ensure that your website is configured properly to capture the data needed to help you grow your business.  That’s the lead magnet, you’ll just have to sign up and see how the upgrade works with ThriveCart :)  I'll be creating a video for this ThriveCart integration and adding it to our help docs soon.

So, go on login to your Meribook account and check out the features and let us know what you think.  As always, I am also very interested in learning what is that one thing stopping you from using - just use the chat widget and let me know. Thanks!

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