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Note taking app with one click access to all your info.

Gravatar Jazzy Alauddin wrote this on Oct 08 / 1 comments

note taking app

So, today I just spent a few hours working on the Plugnpaid cart platform that I did a video review off back in July and realized how different the user experience is on that platform compared to Meribook.

Now, before I elaborate further, If you are a business or thinking of doing anything 'entrepreneurial' - Plugnpaid is the one piece of software you want - an easy way to get paid 🙂

Now as someone who is building a software myself, I found Plugnpaid hard from a user experience perspective because the experience in Meribook differs from what you find in Plugnpaid.

Plugnpaid relies heavily on 'modals' or 'pop-ups' which I find inherently difficult to use.

You know the feeling when you are working inside a modal, and you click somewhere outside and bam the whole thing disappears. This drives me nuts, and it breaks my thought process to address something I did not want.

Anyhow, thought it was an interesting comparison (see images) of two different products that I am quite excited about that address the user experience differently.

What do you guys think?

Please share your experience of either product.

If you have not tested Meribook, you can try it here and then post your comment below.


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