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Member Directory Is Now Live

Gravatar Alauddin Ahmed wrote this on Sep 19 / 0 comments

member directory

Update: We have refreshed the layout as well as of October 2nd :)

Promoting your knowledge and your brand is the core of our mission.  Now, with the Member Directory, you can truly showcase your knowledge professionally.

For our existing users, we have this feature disabled by default so that you can update your profile banner and profile image before making it available in the directory. 

For new sign-ups, this is enabled by default, as users will see the profile right away and make changes as needed.

So, why is Member Directory a big deal you ask?

Well, with FB Groups becoming popular and lots of course creators spending a lot of money and energy to add users.  It is important to realize that you will eventually have 'paid ads' as the only option to increase your reach.  Just like FB Pages, this is to be expected.   

So, it is a smart move to build your Groups on FB but have a strategy to get those users on a platform like Meribook to have the reach and contact information necessary to reach out to your users as needed.

Now, with Member Directory and your Profile Page, you can drive users to the right Book/Course efficiently!

Here is the old layout:



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