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Meribook v6.11.0 Update - Print Feature As A Solution To Backups

Gravatar Alauddin Ahmed wrote this on Dec 22 / 0 comments

Print Option - Meribook v6.11.0 update

One of the big concerns all users have when adding content into any content management system is the ability to take backups of the content and being able to leave the platform if they wish to do so.

With Meribook developing rapidly to address content creation and distribution functionality, we have decided to not implement this until the platform is well defined. We do not want to keep breaking the backup as we implemented a new functionality. One easy backup solution that was always possible was to save the webpage as html - because of our layout of book, chapter & section with expansion toggle. This worked pretty well for the most part.

With our latest 'print' option, we have made the export much cleaner - you can now easily save the entire book as a pdf using any browsers built-in "Print to PDF" functionality. The 'print' format also makes it much printer friendly by removing most of the styling. This means you can easily copy and paste - just a section or an entire chapter or an entire book into Google Doc and then from there you have many more options.

I understand this is not a one-click native export, but I think it's a relatively simple copy and paste solution to get the desired result of taking a full backup of your content. We would like to focus our limited resources on the innovative features to share, collaborate and build your list for the coming year - 2020!

So, here is a quick recap of our latest release.

- Print Option with toggles for banner & breadcrumb
- Fixed card layout display sitewide - Icons on 2 rows.
- Bug Fix - Sort order a-z
- Book share link meta for improved social share
- Search user functionality in Campaigns
- Book Owner can now unsubscribe users from Campaigns


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