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Meribook v6.13.0 Update: Completed and Pin Option For Better Workflow And Tracking

Gravatar Alauddin Ahmed wrote this on Feb 09 / 6 comments

Percent Completed Tracking In My Subscriptions

When you promote your Lead Magnet Checklist or Step-by-Step how-to, wouldn't it be nice if you learned when your subscribers marks something as completed so you can followup with your next steps?

Well, this new feature inside the Subscriptions area lets your subscribers mark items as completed, and also Pin items so that the Section or Chapter they are working on is on the top of thier list to get things done.

Now, when a subscriber to your content marks an item as "completed", you as the owner of content get an email notification letting you know exactly what they completed.  This opens up a lot of possibilities in regards to followups and further nurturing your active subscribers.

Here is an example of email notification:

- Mark Sections as completed
_ Pin Sections, Chapters and Books
- Show calculated percent complete
- Notification emails to Book owners

ALAUDDIN AHMED WROTE this on Feb 09 There are 6 COMMENTS.


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