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Meribook v6.12.0 Update - Chapter Jump, Book Intro and Improved UX

Gravatar Alauddin Ahmed wrote this on Jan 14 / 0 comments

Chapter Jump - Meribook v6.12.0 update

We are slowly but surely turning this app into a monster of a knowledge base platform!

There are two new features that I am really excited about.  First being the simple but every handy Chapter Jump navigation in all areas of the app.  This makes navigating around a book so much easier while still being non-intrusive.

The second feature is the addition of two new fields to the Book - Book Intro text field and its associated Intro image field.
These two fields work as a combo where the image and its associated content when the image field is populated.

As you can see this takes up major real estate on the Book page and adds a much needed 'quick index' like functionality when setting up a 'course' like Book.


So, here is a quick recap of our latest release.

- Jump Chapter drop-down in My Books, with me and My Subscriptions
- Display breadcrumb & profile options on Share/embed links
- Book Intro image and text
- Book layout update with Intro image
- Click to copy on print page
- Improved security on the reset password feature
- Bug: Fix titles format in Move modal


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