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Meribook v6.12.0 Update: Chapter Jump, Book Intro and Improved UX

Gravatar Alauddin Ahmed wrote this on Jan 14 / 1 comments

We are slowly but surely turning this app into a monster of a knowledge base platform!

There are two new features that I am really excited about.  First being the simple but every handy Chapter Jump navigation in all areas of the app.  This makes navigating around a book so much easier while still being non-intrusive.

The second feature is the addition of two new fields to the Book - Book Intro text field and its associated Intro image field.
These two fields work as a combo where the image and its associated content is only shown when the image field is populated.

As you can see this takes up major real estate on the Book page and adds a much needed 'quick index' like functionality when setting up a 'course' like Book.



So, here is a quick recap of our latest release.

- Jump Chapter drop-down in My Books, Shared with me and My Subscriptions
- Display breadcrumb & profile options on Share/embed links
- Book Intro image and text
- Book layout update with Intro image
- Click to copy on print page
- Improved security on the reset password feature
- Bug: Fix titles format in Move modal


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ALAUDDIN AHMED WROTE this on Jan 14 There are 1 COMMENTS.


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