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How To Take Good Notes - Tips From "Double Your Learning Power" Book

Gravatar Alauddin Ahmed wrote this on Nov 04 / 0 comments

How to take good notes - Meribook

This book "Double Your Learning Power" has an interesting preface that says:

"This book does not subscribe to the belief that memory can be improved.
This is not to say we cannot remember better."

Considering that the book was written back in 1986, before the software/app revolution, It took me by surprise because these days the mantra is "continuous improvement" and what can be better than having a system for our 'brain to remember better"....

Call it "continuous improvement" system for your brain!

So, here is how you can "remember better" when taking tests!

Below are my notes, and I hope you find them helpful in implementing a system to take better effective notes.

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