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Learn faster and retain 90% of what you learn!

Gravatar Alauddin Ahmed wrote this on Nov 04 / 1 comments

Learn faster and retain 90% of what you learn - Meribook

Now, that's a lot of 'information' falling through the cracks when we have taken the time and energy to learn something.  

We retain only 5% of a lecture and a mere 20% from an audio-visual... That's awful!

It would make sense to stop all that you are doing and...

Fix this issue of losing "learned" information!

What that means is, there is "big hole" up there, not a leak... A big hole... 80% Big!

Before we spend more time and money to learn something new, we should fix it, don't you agree?  

It' very important you see this 80% Big Hole "up there".  

So, let me put it this way...
Say you want to get from point A to point B.
You have a fixed amount of money (limited resources)...
You have a choice of taking a car that gives awful mileage and one that runs on electricity.  

Which one would you take?


Your most valuable resource is TIME!

Time! is being "wasted" when "spent on learning"!

Yes, Really! You are wasting time when you learn :)


We retain only

5% of Lectures

20% of Audio-Visual.

That's like burning rubber in your gas guzzler.

Do You Want To Do That With "Your" Time?

Time... Something that cannot be replaced even if you had unlimited money.
Still every day we spend hours "learning new stuff" and keep only 5-20% of what we wanted to learn.

So, If you knew how to, Get 90% efficiency in "retaining what you learn"...

Would you IMPLEMENT it?

In 1960 the National Training Laboratories Institute for Applied Behavioral Science in the US did some research on how we learn and retain information.

They came up with a concept called the "Learning Pyramid".

Here is what they found in their research




Too bad they don't teach this in school.  

While some argue that this research is not conclusive and there are other factors involved, common sense tells us that it makes sense.  

But, why do you retain 90% of what you learned, when you "teach or implement" what you learned? 

Well.. You make "mistakes" and "fix" them while "teaching or implementing"...

This making of mistakes, while "teaching or implementing" forces you to pay more attention and obviously this helps you retain more of what you learned.

So, why aren't we in "general"..."teaching" and "implementing" more?

Now, this is more of my personal analysis, as to why people don't take the time and energy to do this 'teaching' or 'implementing'...

Which in turn would help them retain more...
Which then makes you expert in everything you do.

The biggest barrier in my opinion, to getting started, has to do with...

Not having "systems in place"...

  • To take your notes when you are learning.
  • To review your notes.
  • To fix these notes... as you "implement" them.

In a "learning system", after a few iterative cycles, we should have...

  • A 'refined' set of notes.

  • Which gives you the confidence to 'teach' others.

Which in turn means, you have learned that information effectively and are retaining a lot more than 20%.

So, what are some "note taking systems" we have in place?

To retain more of what we learn!

Well, if you are pen and paper type...

Then you have to have your "own system" on how to take good notes and organize them in a way where they are available to you 'fast' when needed.

For me, since I am online all the time type of person, my note taking tool is obviously a software.

Actually, we designed our own "note taking/learning" software.

"Meribook" in Hindi/Urdu or "my"book is designed for...

Storing information in "BOOK" format, which is...

Easy To Teach, Easy To Implement!

We didn't know about "this research" when we started the project.  
Turns out, it's just what the "doctors" ordered :)




With Meribook, It's Simple And Easy.
You Start By "Taking Notes" First, With A Web 2.0 Twist...

Book » Chapters » Sections

Without a "system to organize our information," we would run out of gas If we pick the wrong vehicle.

So, the choice is yours...
Get in the "best optimized" vehicle for "note taking" or Not!

It has helped me personally as a knowledge worker to be more productive.

It's free, so you can try and see if it works for you!


Sign Up For Free Meribook Account!

See The Web 2.0 Version Of
Book » Chapters » Sections
In Action

Click here to sign up for a free account.

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