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Online Note Taking Software Thats As Unique As Me, Myself and I - Meribook!

Gravatar Alauddin Ahmed wrote this on Nov 04 / 0 comments

Meribook - Information Management Solution

With web 2.0 in full swing, it's no surprise that many of us are in the information overload mode. We don't know how best to manage this information to make our lives easier and more productive.

What we need is an information management solution that caters to our needs and is easy to use.

We need a system that files away loads and loads of information in an organized way but makes that information available to us when we need in a matter of seconds.

Now, there are tools that help us with our digital note taking needs, softwares such as Google docs and Evernote come to mind, but Meribook redefines information storing and sharing in simple Book > Chapters > Sections... Yep, a successful, proven system.

But, what I found in my experience is that these tools are good to 'take notes' but finding the information when needed ended up taking longer than it would to do a Google search again.

For example, I managed one Google doc that was used to store 'snippets' of Drupal CMS code/tip and tricks, and over time it ended up being over 60 pages long. Now, when I needed something its much faster for me to search online than browse though my digital notes in Google docs.

Meribook solves this issue of un-organized data in a way we are all already familiar with.

You create a Book which will have Chapters and within that chapter is where your content will be. So when it comes time to looking up your loads and loads of information you know its going to be 3 clicks away - Book > Chapter > Section

Unlike other note taking apps, in Meribook you can always find what you are looking for just 3 clicks away.

Below you will find my 'notes' from a recently watched video on HIPPA compliance training - HIPAA Enforcement Training For State Attorney General

What's HIPPA? Well, its the 'laws' that Medical Field has in regards to your Health & Privacy, not really a fun topic, but I watched the above video's while I took the notes below.

CLICK ON [+ All Chapters] Below

Test Meribook Right Here

Above, is the 'embed' feature of the Meribook note taking software, the demo also illustrates the intuitive Three Steps to access your information... Book > Chapter > Section.

Yes, It really is that simple to create and then share your information!
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