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Holidays, Weddings and Meribook - The PDF eBook Killer! and the three things they have in common.

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Meribook - Connect, Share and Invite!

I was at a wedding the other day after a very long time, and the whole experience got me thinking - there was a lot of sharing of information :)

So, I thought I’ll share some info on, you know... Meribook - The PDF eBook Killer!

Meribook - The PDF eBook Killer!You know Meribook is not what it seems,
You know in Hindi "meri" means, Mine!
As in NOT yours!

Meribook - The PDF eBook Killer!...
"my"Book - The PDF eBook Killer!

See.  Not what it seems.
Anyway, on to the main point.

What do Weddings, Holidays and "Meri"book - The PDF eBook Killer! have in common?

Ok, you know during holidays and weddings there are lots of groups, each group connecting, sharing and some invite to even more :)

If you look at Holidays, Weddings and Meribook - The PDF eBook Killer you'll see they all have these three time tested proven qualities in common.

First, at weddings or on holidays, when you arrive...
What’s the first thing you do?

You Connect!

You find “the” group out of the “many” and you connect!

That’s what we do every single time in every situation... The first thing we do is connect.

Meribook Connect - Share you content with ease!Yep, Meribook - The PDF eBook Killer
Lets you Connect.

You create a connect campaign on any Book, put the embed code provided on any page, and have users sign up to get access you your book  - That’s Meribook Connect.

Second.  What happens after you Connect?

You Share.

You share private information with “your” group or a person. Right!

With much ease you jump from topic to topic, and share just the right information at the right time.

Yep, Meribook - The PDF eBook Killer!
Lets you Private Share Link.

Just like in holidays and weddings, you can share a boat load of information or share as little as necessary with one link from Meribook.   

With simple on/off clicks - Meribook Private Share gives you complete control and flexibility.

Ok, so now lets move to the third and final thing that’s common between Holidays, Weddings & Meribook - The PDF eBook Killer!

Third.  What happens once you are connecting and sharing?

You Invite!

Do I need to expand on this?
You know it's been proven over and over again...
What happens, once you are on an about connecting and sharing?

You guessed it, you invite or get invited. Yep, happens every day as we speak.

Yep, Meribook - The PDF eBook Killer!
Lets you Invite.

Enter an email and share a whole book, as in share a boat load or share one teeny tiny section.  You get complete flexibility with Meribook Invite!

There you have it.

Holidays, Weddings and Meribook - The PDF eBook Killer!...


Connect. Share. Invite.


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Don't have your Meribook account yet?
Go on, get "Meri"book - The PDF eBook Killer!
See how easy it is to Document. Distribute. Profit.
Let the parties begin!

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Psst! After you register, be sure to read how Meribook, became the PDF eBook Killer!


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