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Meribook Connect! the pdf ebook killer's networking feature.

Gravatar Alauddin Ahmed wrote this on Jan 06 / 0 comments

Just to recap guys, if you have not read, Meribook - The PDF eBook Killer! blog post, then I suggest you read that and "connect" with this post later :)

So, the story continues like so.

Like real life, where you can achieve great things when you connect with the right group and or individuals, it's also true when you connect with Meribook - The PDF eBook Killer!

So, while Meribook helps you organize and store information in simple Book format...  

Meribook Connect simplifies getting interested individuals to join your Book.

Build your relationships just like while you "connect" at Holidays and Weddings.

If you are an online marketer, you'll call this your lead capture.  If you are not an online marketer, I think it would be worth your while to learn the concept of 'lead capture' and building your 'email list'.  Maybe, another blog post later.

So, here is how easy it is, to "connect" with other individuals who share your interest inside Meribook...

  1. Click on Meribook Connect inside any of your books.
  2. Create a "Connect Campaign" by clicking on "Add campaign".
  3. Take the HTML code provided and insert on any website page.
    This unstyled form below, is a 'active' Meribook Connect Form.
    Sign up to get Free access to my "Facebook Marketing" Notes...
    And see how easy it can be to share your knowledge!


Visitors who fill out the form (Name, Email) gets access to "Your Book".

If they don't already have a Meribook account, a Free Forever account is created.
The user can access "Your Book" from their Connect Subscriptions.

And that's it.

It's actually that simple to "connect" in Meribook - The PDF eBook Killer!

No PDF design worries, no website maintenance worries, hosting worries etc...

Just enjoy the fruits of your knowledge while "connecting" with others. 

Ps. Be sure to connect with us below to!
Tell us your experience with Meribook Connect.

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