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Meribook v5.4.0 update: Build your email list with Connect feature & website redesign

Gravatar Alauddin Ahmed wrote this on Feb 13 / 7 comments

Meribook v5.4.0 update:  Build your email list with Connect feature & website redesign

Note: I am back dating these release posts in our blog to better communicate our regular updates.  Our 'notification' posts are helpful but when people visit our blog these updates were not that visible.

Release Notes highlights recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

When we started coding for Meribook back in 2014, the domain was and then we moved to as .io started gaining popularity. In January of 2018, we were able to acquire and that prompted us to rethink the direction of Meribook from a 'note taking app' to one focused on marketing and lead gen.

So, this release was actually a combination of over 3 sprints and a massive update.

Introducing the Meribook Connect Dashboard!

◙ New Dashboard for Meribook Connect Campaigns.

◙ Redesign of Connect Campaigns Overview page.

◙ Redesign of Connect Subscription page.

◙ Group links in a more logical way (My Books, Shared with me, Connect Subscriptions)

◙ Cleanup search and filter options on Chapter/Section pages.

◙ Make mobile responsive improvements

◙ Improve Share Page layout.

◙ Make 'Connect Icons' dynamic (Green if enabled, Red if disabled, Black (default) = inactive)

◙ Improve Connect User List page UI.

◙ Many other minor fixes and improvements!


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