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Meribook - A re-imagined documentation and distribution platform to speed up your content marketing process!

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Meribook - A re-imagined documentation and distribution platform

Well, it has been quite some time since I last posted here.  So, a brief history is well overdue.  

We started well over three years ago now to build a better note-taking solution, and I believe we did.  But when we marketed the application, we floundered.

The overcrowded note-taking market is full of FREE software that makes it even harder to compete with a paying product. 

So, we needed to pivot, and as we looked at what the next steps should be, we realized that content marketing and lead gen solution is where businesses were struggling and would pay for a decent solution.   

We knew that with content creation part already solved, content distribution is where we needed to focus. 

The current process for Lead Magnet creation and distribution is fragmented, cumbersome and time intensive. 

Here is what the current process might look like.

  1. Documentation: The content might get created in Word or Google docs as it has decent collaboration features.
  2. Design & Costs:  Once the content is approved in Word or Google Docs, it now needs to be converted into a pleasing PDF.  This PDF design process can get costly and time intensive.  Repeat this a few times, and the costs really add up.
  3. Tech headache: Depending on your website platform and auto-responder in place the tech headache to deliver your PDF will vary.  The PDF can be setup in an email, on your thank-you page, via your auto-responder, etc.   Many a time the PDF gets setup without a secure delivery method as it is the easiest.
  4. The hail-marry follow up: The biggest challenge of following up with your lead is following up AFTER the content in your PDF is consumedInstead, the industry standard is a hail-marry with an automatic email after 2 to 3 days.  Why?  Because with PDF we have no clue when the user read it after the download. For all we know the person just downloaded the PDF and sent in to pdf heaven on their hard drive, but we assume it's all good and fire off the followup sequences!
  5. Time to market: All the above challenges have one thing in common - they add time & cost to your product launch and marketing efforts.

Now, realizing these pain points, we knew we can build on the distribution aspect in Meribook 'note taking' app, and tackle the design and tech headache to speed up your content marketing and distribution process.

We wanted to re-imagine Lead Magnet creation & distribution!

So, starting 2018 we focused on a rebuild and 15 months later, the current iteration of Meribook solves the documentation and distribution aspect of your Lead Magnet in a simple an intuitive way. 

With Meribook, your Lead Magnet distribution can be as simple as

  1. Clicking a button to enable campaign mode for your content.
  2. Copy the embed code on your website to capture leads.

Want a demo?

Checkout my notes from a podcast on
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