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No April Fool. Just another release! Meribook v6.4.0 update with Brandquiz webhook integration

Gravatar Alauddin Ahmed wrote this on Apr 01 / 0 comments

Meribook v6.4.0 update with Brandquiz webhook integration

The past couple weeks were focused on a lot of small fixes based on user feedback and couple of major feature updates.

Now you can use Brandquiz landing page designs and survey functionality and when users provide their email you can deliver them your content inside of Meribook.

Here is a 5 min setup instructions for you - https://docs.meribook.com/article/9-brandquiz-webhook-integration

Other improvements include a much smoother User Invite flow, improved account activation process, book cover in the campaign widgets, improved CKeditor experience for non english users and bug fixes.

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