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Meribook v6.7.0 update: Gated content functionality on Book Embeds!

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Meribook v6.7.0 update: Gated content functionality on Book Embeds!

Improved Share Permissions, Gated Content Display & Profile Updates

Alright, it's been over a month since our last release but I hope the wait was well worth it. You now have some crazy one click on/off permission settings. First off, the Book page now give you full view of what is shared and what is not. Just click on the 'expand all' option and now you can enable/disable share access from this page.

Second is my favorite new feature...Gated content lock toggles for your Book & Chapter share links and embed codes! See Image below. Now your shared content and embed codes will display content lock, making it easier for you to do your content marketing and enticing users to give their emails. With a click of a button you can show 'content lock' or enable content access in your "Share links" or embedded the form in your landing page as needed.


Here is a demo link with a landing page using this embeded book with gated content feature -

Also, in this release are improvements to your Profile page, so you all can go build yourself some backlinks. Other than that we fixed some bugs and made some design updates, improved search functionality - 22 tasks in total.


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